Arvie – AR Video Walls

Arvie is a tool to create video walls, panels & displays as interaktive 3D objects,fully integrated into the real world you see through your iPhone camera. (Augmented Reality)

Design Video Walls, Panels and Displays in Augmented Reality.

Create Greenscreen Film Studios, Virtual Exhibitions, Learning Videos, Visual Storytelling in Realtime.

Perfect for Youtube, Tik Tok, Instagram and all other content creators.


Create Video Walls & Displays in Augmented Reality

Apply Images & Videos in Realtime

Reshape, move and resize in Realtime

Record high quality videos

Livestream to Youtube, Twitch, Periscope …

Enable/Disable Bluescreen Modus

Save/Load created Walls

Works indoors and outdoors.

No internet connection needed. (Except for live streaming, of course)

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